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Verse of Chapter 17-> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,

Isa 17


The Word against Damascus

The word against Damascus. Behold, Damascus shall be lifted from cities, and will be for a downfall;
2being left behind into the eon for a bed, [3for flocks 1and 2a resting], and there will not be one pursuing.
3And no longer shall there be a fortified place to take refuge there for Ephraim; and no longer a kingdom in Damascus, nor a remaining of the Syrians. [4no 1For 2you 5better 3are] than the sons of Israel, even their glory; thus says the LORD of Hosts.
4It shall be in that day an end of the glory of Jacob; and the plenty of his glory shall be shaken.
5And it shall be in which manner as if someone should gather [2harvest 1a standing], and [2the grain 3of corn 1should reap]; and it shall be in which manner if someone should gather corn in [2ravine 1a solid rock];
6and as if [2should be left behind 3in 4it 1stubble], or as [5stones 4olive 1two 2or 3three] [2at 3the top of the tree 1elevated], or four or five [2upon 3their tender branches 1should be left behind]. Thus says the LORD God of Israel.
7 In that day [2will be relying 1man] upon the one who made him, and his eyes [2to 3the 4holy one 5of Israel 1shall look].
8And in no way should they be relying upon the shrines, nor upon the works of their hands which they made with their fingers; and they shall not look to the trees, nor their abominations.
9 In that day [2shall be 1your cities] abandoned, in which manner [6left 1the 2Amorites 3and 4the 5Hivites] before the face of the sons of Israel; and they shall be desolate places.
10Because you forsook the God your deliverer, even your God you remembered not. On account of this you shall plant [2plant 1an untrustworthy], and [2seed 1an untrustworthy].
11And in the day whenever you should plant, you shall be misled; but [3by morning 1if 2you should sow] it shall bloom for a harvest in whatever day of inheritance; and as a father of a man, you shall choose by lot for your sons.
12Woe to the multitude [2nations 1of many]; as a sea swelling up, so you shall be disturbed; and the sound [2nations 1of many 4as 5water 3shall sound].
13As [2water 1much 4nations 3many]; as [2water 1much 4by force 3being brought]; and he shall curse one to be far from them, and at a distance from them he shall pursue, as dust of mountains being winnowed before the wind, and as a cloud of dust [3of the wheel 2of a blast 1being brought].
14Towards evening there will be mourning; before morning, and he will not be. This is the portion of the ones despoiling us, and the inheritance to the ones having inherited us.
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