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Verse of Chapter 26-> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21,

Isa 26


A Song of Deliverance

In that day they shall sing this song upon the land of Judea, Behold, [2city 1a strong]; and [2our deliverance 1he shall establish] for the wall and rampart.
2Open O gates! Enter! O people guarding righteousness, and guarding truth;
3taking hold of truth, and guarding peace.
4For upon you we hoped, O LORD unto the eon, the [3God 1great 2eternal];
5who humbling, he led down the ones dwelling on high. [3cities 2fortified 1You shall throw down], and lead them down unto the ground.
6And [3will tread 4them 2feet 1gentle] and of humble rostrums.
7The way of the pious [2straight 1becomes]; and [5is being prepared 1the 2way 3of the 4pious].
8For the way of the LORD is equitable; we hoped upon your name, and upon the remembrance of you
9which [2desires 1our soul]. From out of the night [2rises early 1my spirit] to you, O God, because [2are light 1your orders] upon the earth. [2righteousness 1Learn], O ones dwelling upon the earth!
10[4ceases 1For 2the 3impious]; in no way should he learn righteousness upon the earth; [3truth 1no way 2should he execute]. Lift away the impious! that he should not behold the glory of the LORD.
11O LORD, [3is high 1your 2arm], but they did not know; but in knowing they shall be ashamed; zeal shall take hold [2people 1of an uninstructed]; and now fire [2the 3adversaries 1shall devour].
12O LORD our God, [2peace 1give] to us! for all things you rendered to us.
13O LORD our God, acquire us! O LORD, outside of you there is no other we know. [2your name 1We named].
14But the dead [3life 1in no way 2shall see], nor shall physicians in any way raise them up. On account of this you struck, and destroyed; and you lifted away every male of them.
15Add to them bad things, O LORD, add bad things to the glorious ones of the earth!
16O LORD, in affliction we remembered you; in [2affliction 1small] your instruction is with us.
17And as a woman travailing approaches to give birth, and over her birth pangs she cries out, so we were to your beloved.
18Because of the fear of you, O LORD, [2in 3the womb 1we conceived], and travailed, and birthed the breath of your deliverance, which you did upon the earth. We shall not fall, but [7shall fall 1all 2the ones 3dwelling 4upon 5the 6earth].
19[3shall rise up 1The 2dead], and [5shall be raised 1the ones 2in 3the 4sepulchres], and [5shall be glad 1the ones 2in 3the 4earth], for the dew by you [2a cure 3to them 1is]; but the land of the impious shall fall.
20Proceed, O my people! Enter into your inner chambers! Lock your door! Be concealed a little! as much as this, as much as that, until whenever [4should go by 1the 2anger 3of the LORD].
21For behold the LORD [3from 4the 5holy place 1brings 2anger] upon the ones dwelling upon the earth; and [3shall uncover 1the 2earth] her blood, and shall not cover up the ones being done away with any more.
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