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Verse of Chapter 31-> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,

Isa 31


The Vanity of Relying upon Egypt

Woe to the ones going down into Egypt for help; the ones [2upon 3horses 1relying], and upon chariots, for they are many; and relying upon [3horses 2many 1exceedingly]. And they did not hearken relying upon the holy one of Israel, and [3God 1they did not 2seek].
2And he wisely brought upon them bad things, and his word in no way shall be annulled. And he shall rise up against the houses [2men 1of wicked], and against [3hope 1their 2vain] --
3an Egyptian man, and not God. Their horses are flesh and not help; but the LORD shall bring his hand against them, and [3shall tire 1the ones 2helping], and together all will perish.
4For thus said the LORD to me, In which manner whenever [6should yell out 1the 2lion 3or 4the 5cub] over the game which he took, and shall cry out over it, until whenever [3should be filled up 1the 2mountains] of his voice, and the prey are vanquished, and by the magnitude of rage they are scared; so [3shall go down 1the LORD 2of Hosts] to march upon mount Zion, upon her mountains.
5As birds flying, so shall [3shield 1the LORD 2of Hosts] above Jerusalem; and he shall rescue and shall protect and shall deliver.
6Turn! O ones [2deep 5counsel 1consulting 3and 4lawless], O sons of Israel.
7For in that day [2shall totally reject 1men] the idols made by their hands -- the things made of silver, and the things of gold, which [2made 1their hands].

The Fall of Assyria

And Assyria shall fall; not by the sword of man, nor [2the sword 3of man 1shall] devour him; and he will not flee from in front of the sword; but the young men shall be for vanquishing;
9for as a rock, they shall be taken hold of as for a siege mound, and shall be vanquished; but the one fleeing shall be captured; thus says the LORD, Blessed is the one who has [2in 3Zion 1a seed], and members of a family in Jerusalem.
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