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Verse of Chapter 32-> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20,

Isa 32


The Just King

For behold [2king 1a just] shall reign, and rulers with judgment shall rule.
2And [3shall be 1the 2man] hiding his words, and they shall be hid as of water being brought; and it shall be shone forth in Zion as a river being brought along, glorious in [2land 1a thirsting].
3And no longer will they be relying upon men, but the ears they shall give to hear.
4And the heart of the ones being weak shall take heed to hear; and the tongues stuttering, quickly they shall learn to speak peace.
5And no longer shall they tell the moron to rule; and no longer shall [2say 1your officers], You be quiet!
6For the moron [2moronish 1shall speak], and his heart [2vanities 1shall purpose], to complete lawless deeds, and to speak [2against 3the LORD 1a delusion], to scatter [2souls 1hungering], and [3for the 5souls 4thirsting 2vain things 1causing].
7For the counsel of the wicked [2lawless deeds 1shall plan] to corrupt the lowly by [2words 1unjust], and to efface the words of the lowly in a case.
8But the pious [2the discerning 1consult], and this counsel shall abide.

Works of Righteousness Shall Be Peace

[3women 2rich 1Rise up], and hear my voice! [3O daughters 4in 5hope 1Listen to 2my words]!
10[3for the days 4of a year 2mention 1Make] in grief, yet with hope! [2has been consumed 1The gathering of crops], [3has ceased 1the 2sowing], and no longer should it come.
11Be amazed! Let [3fret 1the ones 2persuading]! Strip! [2naked 1Become]! Gird the loins!
12and [2upon 3the 4breasts 1beat]! because of [2field 1the desirable], and [2of the grapevine 1the produce].
13The land of my people is a thorn-bush; and grass shall ascend, and from out of every house gladness shall be lifted away.
14The houses are being abandoned; [2the riches 3of the city 1they shall leave] and [2houses 1desirable]. And [3will be 1the 2towns] caves unto the eon, a gladness [2donkeys 1for wild], pastures for shepherds;
15until whenever [4should come 5upon 6you 1spirit 2from 3on high]; and [3shall be 4wilderness 1the 2fruitful field], and the fruitful field [2as 3a forest 1shall be considered].
16And [2shall rest 3in 4the 5wilderness 1judgment], and righteousness [2in 3Carmel 1shall dwell].
17And [4shall be 1the 2works 3of righteousness] peace; and [2shall reach 1righteousness] rest, and the ones relying shall be unto the eon.
18And [2shall dwell 1his people] in a city of peace, and shall dwell in it being yielded up; and they shall rest with riches.
19 And if hail should come down, [2not 4upon 5you 1it will 3come]. And [6will be 1the ones 2dwelling 3in 4the 5forests] yielding as the ones in the plain.
20Blessed are the ones sowing by every water where the ox and donkey tread.
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