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Verse of Chapter 35-> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,

Isa 35


The Lord Himself shall Come

Be glad, [2wilderness 1O thirsting]! Exult, O wilderness, and bloom as a lily!
2And [5shall blossom 6and 7exult 1the 2desolate places 3of the 4Jordan]. The glory of Lebanon was given to it, and the honor of Carmel. And my people shall see the glory of the LORD, and the stature of God.
3Be strong! O hands being forsaken, and knees being disabled.
4Take comfort! O faint-hearted in mind. Be strong! Do not fear! Behold, our God [2judgment 1recompenses], and he will recompense. He himself shall come, and he shall deliver us.
5Then shall [3be opened 1the eyes 2of the blind], and the ears of the deaf shall hear.
6Then [3shall leap 4as 5a stag 1the 2lame], and [3will be plain 1the tongue 2of the stammering]; for [2was torn forth 3in 4the 5wilderness 1water], and a ravine in [2land 1a thirsting].
7And [3will be 1the 2waterless place] turned into marshes, and [4into 1the 2thirsting 3land] a spring of water. There will be there a gladness of birds, properties of reed and marshes.
8There will be there [2way 1a pure], and [3way 2a holy 1it shall be called]; and in no way shall [2pass by 3there 1anything unclean]; nor shall there be there [2way 1an unclean]. But the ones having been scattered shall go upon it, and in no way shall they wander.
9And there will not be [2there 1a lion]. Nor the ferocious wild beasts in any way shall ascend unto it, nor even should be found there. But [2shall go 3in 4it 1the ones being ransomed],
10even ones being gathered together by the LORD. And they shall return, and shall come to Zion with gladness; even [2gladness 1eternal] is upon their head. For upon their head is praise and a leap for joy. And gladness shall overtake them; [6ran away 1grief 2and 3distress 4and 5moaning].
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