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Pro 1



The proverbs of Solomon son of David who reigned in Israel,
2to know wisdom and instruction; to comprehend also words of intelligence;
3to receive also the shifting and turning of words, and loosening enigmas; to comprehend also [2righteousness 1true] and [2judgment 1to straighten out],
4that he should give to the guileless astuteness, [3child 1but 2to the young] perception, and also reflection.
5But of the ones for hearing, the wise will be wiser, and the intelligent [2guidance 1shall acquire].
6He shall comprehend also a parable and a dark matter; sayings also of the wise, and enigmas.
7The beginning of wisdom is fear of the LORD, [3understanding 1and 2good] to all the ones observing it. And piety to God is the beginning of perception. But wisdom and instruction the impious shall treat with contempt.
8Hear, O son, the laws of your father! and you should not thrust away the rules of your mother;
9[3a crown 1for 4of favors 2you shall receive] for your head, and a collar of gold around your neck.
10O son, you should not have caused [3to wander you 2men 1impious], nor should you consent.
11If they should comfort you, saying, Come with us, partake in blood! for we should hide [4in 5the ground 2man 1the just 3unjustly],
12and we should swallow him as Hades, while living, and lift his remembrance from the earth,
13the [2property 3of his 1very costly] we should overtake, and we should fill [2houses 1our] of spoils.
14 and [2your 3lot 1throw] in with us, and [3money bag 2one 1let there become] for us.
15You should not go in the ways with them. Turn aside your foot from their paths!
16 For their feet [2to 3evil 1run], and are quick to pour out blood.
17[3are not 1For 5wrongfully 4stretched out 2nets] for feathered birds.
18For they, the ones [2in murder 1partaking], treasure up for themselves evils.
19These [2the 3ways 1are] of all the ones completing the lawless things. For by impiety [2their own 3life 1they remove].
20Wisdom [2in 3the streets 1sings praise]; and in the squares in open places she celebrates.
21[3upon 4the tops 1And 5of the walls 2she proclaims]; and at the gates of the city courageously says,
22As much time as the guileless have of the righteousness, they shall not be ashamed; but the fools [3insolence 1being 2ones who crave], [2impious 1having become], detest good sense,
23and [2accountable 1become] for reproofs. Behold, I will let go to you my breath's saying, and I will teach you by my word.
24Since I called, and you did not obey; and I stretched out words, and you did not take heed;
25but [4void 1you made 2my 3counsels], and [3to my 4reproofs 1you did not 2give heed];
26accordingly I also [2your 3destruction 1laugh at]; and I will rejoice when ever [2comes 3to you 1ruin].
27And when ever [2should arrive 3unto you 4suddenly 1a tumult], and the undoing of yourself like a blast is at hand; or whenever [4should come upon 5you 1affliction 2and 3assault];
28that it will be whenever you should call upon me, even I shall not listen to you. [2shall seek 3me 1Evil men], and will not find me;
29for they detested wisdom, and the fear of the LORD they did not prefer;
30nor wanted [2to my 1to take heed] counsels; but they sneered at my reproofs.
31Accordingly they shall eat [3of their own 4way 1the 2fruits], and [2with their own 3impiety 1shall be filled].
32For because they wronged the simple ones, they shall be slaughtered, and an inquisition [2the impious 1shall destroy].
33But the one hearing me shall encamp with hope, and shall be tranquil without fear from all evil.
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